Austin, TX Sekrit Theater Engagement Session // Lindsay + Matt

This was my first time in Austin, TX and honestly it wasn't enough time because I FELL IN LOVE with the city. Wow. Also doesn't help when these two made my time there so flippin' lovely. From buying me the best moscow mule I've ever had to making me eat really spicy tacos. But tacos are bae so I don't even care. 

I got this wedding referred to me by my amazing photog friend, Kristen Kaiser, since these two are her and her hubs really amazing friends. And I am SO SO happy to have connected with them. Matt + Lindsay is the epitome of what I strive for in my connection with clients. As if we have been friends for years + NOT just someone they hired for their big day. This is exactly why I get the candid images I do. Because that means vulnerability and guards down are so easily achieved. Silliness + playfulness. The genuine connection between the two love birds. 

I don't think I said "connection" in this post enough.... so -- connection.

Mariza Trancoso