Malibu, CA Matador Beach // Megan + Allen

If there are any photographers reading this, you know that feeling you get after shooting a session that leaves you in an eternal high and you are reminded why you do what you do? For non-photographers, imagine this feeling -- being welcomed into someone's story and experiencing only a bit of the chapter. But in that slice of their life, you step outside your own world for a moment. You are humbled, laughing, connecting. You are running on this euphoric high and the moments you are creating + capturing are turning into its own time capsule before your eyes. 

That's what makes for a perfect session. 

Not seeing me as the photographer you hired.... I don't want you to see me like that. I am a friend. I am someone who is an imperfect human. I am a hopeless romantic. I am someone you can be vulnerable with. And its hard to let a stranger in, in such an intimate way. 

But when people reach out for photos done by me, they always talk about certain photos that drew them into me. Guess what happened when those photos were being taken? The couple let me in. The couple allowed their guards to be down. The couple was being. The couple was messy and vulnerable. I hate perfection. It's way overrated. Smash that notion that professional photos need to be hair did, pretty poses, does my dress look okay? I don't want our precious time together to be that. I want it to be an experience.

This is what Megan + Allen did for me. 

I flew into Los Angeles the night before their session. They picked me up at 5am (coffee in hand, bless them) and we were off to Malibu. We talked and laughed and got to know each other in that hour drive. The sun wasn't up yet and we trekked down to the beach. I allow (and highly encourage) my couples to be their complete self. I want you to trip while you run in the sand. I want you to butt heads while you clumsily kiss each other. I got to know Megan and Allen because they let me. Look at the photos and let me know if you feel like you know them too.