The Very Beginning.

Remember meeting your fiancé? The first time your fingers brushed together? The first time you kissed? It’s a season full of excitement, anticipation, and the unknown. Your wedding is a celebration of those moments and that excitement. It’s the culmination of your love—proof that it all mattered.


I want your photos to be an expression of your relationship, from beginning to end. I try to recreate the giddiness of your early days, as well as capture the depth of your passion now. If you want that story, I’m your gal.


A little More about Me

I love what I do. I think every photograph is an opportunity to create art. I am super passionate, laid-back, slightly awkward, and undeniably romantic.

My Story

As Seen on The Knot


If you’re already itching to do this thang with me, I dig it.

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