one on one q&a session

(75 min.)


Are you just beginning on your photography journey? Do you need some guidance? 

This option is best for very beginners, photographers who want to pick my brain, or anyone who needs a little push in their business. 


Locals -- we will get coffee or wine or beer or food and just talk it out. 

Non-locals -- we will do your session via skype. thank goodness for technology!



q&a / on-location session / basic workflow

(3 hours) 


This option is where you really get to see me work. We will start with coffee (or wine or beer or food) and spend about an hour with any questions you may have for me. We will go over equipment, portfolio, website, branding, goal setting. For the next hour, you will get to shadow an actual session. (please specify if there's any type of session you would like to focus on) We will discuss lighting, posing, utilizing a location to your best ability, etc. The ending hour, I will go through my basic workflow (importing, culling, editing, exporting, gallery delivery) and then discuss anything from the day.


Best for beginner photographers with basic camera knowledge (manual mode preferred), individuals looking to start a photography business. 




(1 hour)



Lets keep in touch! I want to know how your business is progressing, what we need to work on, how we can move forward. More questions will arise as you put practice into play, so this is a wonderful time to pick my brain once more! 


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