senior rep // 2017

High school is such a delicate time. I don't think I ever experienced such a vast amount of ups + downs than I did during my high school years. It really is a precious time -- it goes by crazy fast and you're trying to fit all of these experiences and memories in! 

I am here to help add to those memories. 

Photography by Mari's Senior Rep program was put into action to add one more thing to do to your final year of high school. Not only do you get your senior photos taken by me (at a discounted rate, I may add) but you also get to meet new friends from other schools + learn what it is to be a spokesperson for a small business - colleges totally eat that up.

I am not looking for girls who just want to get dolled up + do awesome photoshoots. I want these girls to be role models for the students after them. I want to give them a chance to tell their story + dreams for the future. The amazing photoshoots are just a sweet bonus. 

What does a Mari Rep do?

You refer your friends to get their senior portraits done by me (with a gift or cash prize for each person you send my way), you get a chance to do creative photoshoots with other girls in your community, stay active on social media with marketing the program and my services! 

To apply + see all the benefits, click here.  (DEADLINE - MARCH 11)

ALL applicants get 20% off their senior session - so why not? It's a short application, I promise. ;)

I don't want these senior photo sessions to be your normal run-in-the-mill senior pictures. That is why I teamed up with UOI Boutique + Sarah Cruz from Studio 404 (Dixon, IL) to help doll you up and make this your dream fashion shoot! I tailor each session according to your application information to make sure this is YOUR one-of-a-kind photoshoot that highlights YOU. Fun, right?

Wardrobe // UOI Boutique

Hair + Makeup // Sarah Cruz

Senior Rep // Maggie McPherson

Venues // Traditional Wellness Center + Savy's Chic Bridal Boutique