lulu + justin // joshua tree, calif.

I have many goals for this year (don't we all). One of them being -- to blog more! Hold me accountable, y'all. I am counting on you. Another goal is to visit my bucket list locations -- whether it's for work or play. 

Two month ago, I was able to cross off one of my locations (it was also top 5, so that's pretty dang exciting) and that location is none other but good ol' magical, beautiful Joshua Tree. 

I was definitely excited to see the desert/park but furthermore, I left the desert with a more than a full heart. I didn't realize the energy of not only the desert, but the town, would be so magnetic. It was unlike anything I have ever been surrounded by. It was with great help by miss Lulu + Justin Zsebe to make it all the more magical. 

My friendship/sistership with Lulu all started on Instagram a few years ago (thank the cosmos for the digital age, eh?) and it began to evolve into such a sweet sweet loving sisterhood -- even thousands of miles away. She was selling dream catchers that she custom made through her shop, Of the Wolves and I ordered one as I was moving to a new home. Everything she does, makes, touches is with love. So, imagine my excitement when the opportunity arose to meet her + her wonderful husband in none other... Joshua Tree. And to make it even MORE magical... it all happened during the powerful supermoon. Mmmmmm the universe is so great. 

Their session was everything + more. They were so fun to photograph -- it also felt like we had been friends for ages. Their energy is electric. So completely electric. After the shoot, we watched the moon rise in the desert. Thinking back to it is enough to give me chills. They invited my friend, Pol (of Sweetpapermedia) and I to Pappy + Harriet's for drinks and dinner.... and let me tell ya, that place may be top 3 of my favorite social place ever. The food, the music, the drinks, and mostly, the atmosphere. I can't even put into words how I felt being surrounded by such beautiful people and such beautiful music. I never ever wanted to leave. 

But alas, my trip was short but my heart belongs to the desert. 

I will be back + I will create more beautiful memories with my beautiful friends. 

I wonder how many times I said "beautiful" in this post.